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Another Place To Post?

While I've been synched with Facebook for over 2 years, it's been over a year since I've posted here. Thinking about taking some time while I'm out on vacation and updating my blog/website/social presence so I'm managing it from one place (or at least fewer places). Wish me luck.

what do you mean I'm not suppose to have this in the tub?

Two years? Really?

In a little under 2 weeks lil' peanut is going to be two. Two? Wow - it's gone really fast. I'm wishing she stays as gigglely and smiling as she's been for a really long time. Been working a ton (imaging that?) and tend to spend more time on Twitter now especially because of work.

Got a ton of photos I just uploaded and here's one of my favorites.

Swimming and Jumping

More new pictures


Turkey Day At My Mom's House

Literally means turkeys

new pic of the peanut

Although I think she's better described as an "imp". This one reminds me of my brothers school pic from 3rd grade i think


"Ah, böwakawa poussé, poussé"

yes - it's a song lyric and no - i don't think anyone knows what it means.

letting the geek slip out

Cracked myself up last night - made John pause/rewind because I saw a Crystal Castles video game in the background of some show we were watching. Of course made me think of visiting Ground Kontrol and wouldn't you know they've got it. Woo Hoo watch out Bentley here I come.

Baby Monkey

couple minutes in the costume and then decided sleeping was a much better idea.
poor sad little monkey - next year we'll go trick or treating!

a couple of other pictures are in the gallery
in a meeting with robin and wondering how this works


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